Absorbable nutrients are the key to keeping good weight on a horse. It is not always about the quality of the food, or the amount. It IS about how the food is broken down to be used by the body.  
Biotic 8™ Plus - Pre-biotics, Probiotics & Enzymes
Gastra-FX™ - Stomach Support Formula
Gastra-FX Ultra™ - Irritated Stomach Formula
Liver Flush® - Liver Support (Proteins)
RegenerEQ™ - GI Regenerator - Stimulates Appetite
Testos Boost™ - Balances Testosterone Levels


You gain weight by eating more calories and exercising less, right? Well, yes and no. A calorie is a unit of energy that comes from food. The food is eaten, broken down, absorbed and stored to be used as energy (burning calories = physical activity). So, if one horse eats the same as three others, but does not gain weight; that horse is not storing calories (and vice versa). If he is a picky eater, look at Ulcers/ GI Health.
Let's look at how food is broken down (aka digested). Stomach acids start this process. If your horse is on acid blockers for ulcers, this process is hampered. From there, enzymes in the small intestine break it down further, and then it moves on to the large intestine. There, it is further broken down by good bacteria for nutrient absorption. This is a simplified version of what happens. A good article can be found at: https://thehorse.com/126346/the-equine-digestive-system-a-food-factory/. 
Many health issues are not seen until there is a serious illness or crisis. Weight loss is one indicator that something is not quite right. If you have a horse that is losing weight, or has difficulty maintaining weight - look at the digestive processes.
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