Is your horse almost out-of-control with high energy and no focus or sluggish and unwilling to move forward with no interest or energy? Either of these can be a battle.


There are the times where your horse may be dealing with an illness (known/unknown) or recovering from an injury. That normally "quiet" horse is now an "anxious" mess in the stall. Or, that normally interested and "exhuberant" horse is now lethargic and "mopey" about everyting.

Maybe your horse can only go so far for so long; and tires out quickly, suffering from muscle fatigue

Increase energy, stamina, strength and post-event recovery with formulas that build blood, support physical activity and provide cool energy.

HEMEX™ - beneficial for high performance horses - gives a "cooler" energy - blood builder for better use of oxygen

ENDURAGIN™ - increases stamina and strength - helps with recovery post-event - restores energy levels

ENDURAFORCE™ PASTE - sustained energy in competition and helps with recovery - added muscle support ingredients (e.g. gamma oryzanol)

VANTIOX™ - a muscle and cell protector - essential vitamins & minerals - a must for horses that tie-up

Products that will help to decrease nervousness, anxiety, and lack of focus with Immune Support & Calming and Behavior formulas.

IMMUNE PLUS™ - promotes a healther immune system which supports a healthy nervous system - helps to maintain normal energy levels

GASTRA-FX™ - soothes the stomach which helps to reduce excitability and irritability

CHILL™ - promotes relaxed behavior and better focus- use for fright, behavioral problems, stall rest,  or separation anxiety

CHILL ULTRA™ PASTE - same as Chill™ with added Vitamin B1 and Magnesium

Click on any product to read more on how it can help your horse.

You can ask me here about what I usually recommend for other supportive strategies such as DIY bodywork, exercises, or my #1 secret with acupressure points that you can use to help your horses.

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