Use the drop-down menu for some COMMON PROBLEMS that most people encounter with their horses or just click the links below. Always consult with your veterinarian in cases where it may be more of a specific issue - there is a separate menu tab for things that may be more chronic in nature.

Behavior Problemsoutward signs of physical, mental, and emotional imbalances

Breathing Problems  - respiratory conditions due to allergies and environmental causes 

Calming Aids - excess energy and nervousness cause behavioral problems

Chronic Lameness  - generally a muscle or joint problem or due to poor hoof conditions

Coat & Skinskin issues, allergic reactions and poor hair coat

Cleansing & Detox  - helps to cleanse the organs and body systems for better functions

Digestive Healthenergy/weight gain for better health, stamina, recovery/performance.

Hi & Low Energybuild a better internal balance and support physical activity 

Hoof Pain (& Growth) - relieve pain/inflammation and support healthy hoof tissue

Muscle Builders  - for muscle integrity and spare breakdown to avoid lameness problems

Muscle & Joint Health - manage pain/inflammation and support muscle/joint problems

Performance  - support health, stamina, and correct biomechanical functions

Post Injury Repairsupport joints and soft tissue while horses recover from injuries

Stamina & Recovery  - support back to work rehab and recovery (muscle strains)

Travel Troubles  - support common problems with lay-up stall time and when traveling


Need some help? Hit that link below and tell me what problem you are trying to solve.

You can ask me here about what I usually recommend for other supportive strategies such as DIY bodywork, exercises, or my #1 secret with acupressure points that you can use to help your horses.

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