Hoof issues frustrate all of us: owners, competitors and recreational riders. Things like:

cracks - flares - abscesses - sore feet - white line/seedy toe - poor growth - poor hoof wall quality - bruising - laminitis - founder


NO FOOT - NO HORSE! I am sure you have heard and seen a lot of product claims for different supplements to help your horse's feet. Some are helpful and some not so much.

It really depends on the state of your horse's health in the first place. So, if you have tried things and are now skeptical, I do understand. There is a lot of overwhelming and conflicting information out there. Let me help you by explaining why things don't work.

Not enough - Your horse may need more of the "active ingredient" at this moment in time.

Not absorbed - All "supplements" need to be absorbed properly and used easily - chemically processed or chemically alike are often not naturally absorbed.

Not right - It's not the right product for your horse because the basic needs aren't met, which means the body can't process and use it as intended.

You can relieve pain and inflammation AND nutritionally support the hoof & soft tissues to encourage healthy and balanced growth.

MINEREQ™ - Promotes better hoof growth due to the better absorption of nutrients. It's the ultimate source of vitamins & minerals essential to and basic for healthy hooves.

ANTIFLAM™ - Anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties help to support the body and feet. It is ideal for horses with laminitis, founder, and tender feet.

TETDA™ - A natural liniment used for bruising or swelling. Quickly moves fluid and soothes bruised areas. DO NOT USE ON OPEN WOUNDS. It may be applied as many times as necessary.

TIP: For sounder feet, apply Tetda to sheet cotton and pack into the foot before and after competition.

Click on any product to read more on how it can help your horse. 

You can ask me here about what I usually recommend for other supportive strategies for pain management such as DIY bodywork, exercises, or my #1 secret that works quickly to help your horses get better, faster.

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