Most people need their horse to be a bit more "settled"  for one of two reasons: to help with their horses's performance in training or competition or to help with behaviors when their horses are "limited to the stall" for any number of reasons.


When something hurts, are you a happy camper or are you more irritable and likely to say "NO"?

Sometimes they just need a little more help to "cope with the stress" of their environment. Of course, if it is stall rest due to an injury - most vets will have some kind of medication available to you. Some of them are not so good to use for long periods of time.

These products are safe to use at all times, but we do suggest to use them a couple of hours away from dosing medications (to allow the meds to do their job, effectively).

Other times, there is a cause of "abnormal excitement or distress" beyond the acute and primary problem. 

Things to consider (there may be another "underlying pain" factor that may need to be addressed.): 

muscle tensions or strains: usually due to overwork or confinement 

SINEW-X + HA™ - helps to keep the muscles and joints healthier to avoid other compensations and keep your horse happier

DMG - supports muscle/joint health and helps to maintain physical performance

GI (gastrointestinal) distress usually due to environmental changes/restrictions (ulcers, etc.) - ask me here about our GI reset program 

GASTRA-FX™ - soothes and promotes a healthier gastrointestinal (GI) system - also available in a convenient paste form

mental tension aka loss of focus or nervousness -

CHILL® - promotes a more "settled" attitude or behavior - it helps to maintain a normal disposition for the mind and body

Visit the product pages to learn more about them. 

Excess energy manifests in many ways and has a number of sources (causes may relate to our other categories). These formulas answer most behavior & performance problems that need a little more of a calming effect on the mind and body, at-home and on the road.

It's possible that you have an uncovered "Body Lameness" problem, too. Click that link below if you want some ways to "investigate" that possibility - DIY.

You can ask me here about what I usually recommend for other supportive strategies such as DIY bodywork, exercises, or my #1 fastest-working secret that you can use to help your horses.

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