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Over the past 40+ years we have worked with veterinarians, trainers, instructors, farriers, breeders, and competitors (in various disciplines) to help in many areas of horse health management. We serve all disciplines - now offering online consults and “DIY” pdfs (check the blog/pdf section - updating soon).

You can still find us traveling throughout the Southeast USA - presenting products, services, and education at events, clinics and workshops.

Your advisor: Dee Wesley has been involved with natural health since the mid-1980s, and was, of course, horse crazy way before that. Certified as an herb specialist in 1992 began the pursuit of a natural health (and bodywork) degree, accomplished in 1995. By the year 2000, I was working with both people and horses professionally.

Relocating to Georgia in 2004 inspired me to focus strictly on horses. Bodywork & Integrated Therapies was established in 2005 at the Leanin’ Post Ranch.

Learning about rehabilitation and sports medicine (biomechanics) is how my specialty soon became lameness issues with performance horses. Of course, that required me to find the appropriate and effective sources to manage pain and health problems for chronic problems that I was seeing with my clients’ horses. 

Omega Alpha Equine Supplements: This product line was introduced to me by a veterinarian at a lameness clinic that I hosted. They are all natural, which is important to me. I used them with 2 of my own horses and got to see the results first-hand! Well, they just worked when nothing else did!

Primarily available through equine professionals, as an authorized sales representative we offer the products to you - shipped directly to your door. Based in Canada, you can find company information here:  OmegaAlpha®

Light Therapy “Patches”: These are one of the most non-invasive things that you can use to help yourself and your animals. These patches complement any traditional, or holistic, veterinary treatments because nothing enters the body.  As a brand patner for the company I offer you a way to learn more about the products, studies, and research here: LifeWave®

These patches are our preferred application for pain management and more (having used several devices, nothing is better than just wearing the patch).  They are easy to apply, you don’t have to spend a lot of time waiting for a “machine” to finish working, and, most of all NOTHING ENTERS THE BODY BUT LIGHT! Read our blog on Light Therapy Patches to learn more.

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I believe in quality over quantity.

I believe in education for informed decisions.

I believe in responsibility and accountability.

I believe in good horsemanship and good horse management, whether it is your 'old friend' or a top level competition horse.

Finally, I believe I have a solution – to whatever "problem" your horse is experiencing – and, I believe YOU can find success and a happy, healthy horse. Again, thanks for visiting the store - I look forward to serving you in the future.

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