Spooking, bucking, rearing, running out, refusing, and ill-mannered horses all have one thing in common - underlying pain. What is causing it?


These are outward signs of physical, mental, emotional and, many times, nutritional imbalances. When horses are healthier on the inside they are better equipped to handle the stress of the environment on the outside.

If your horse has a behavior problem, you already know something is not right. When you can't find anything really wrong on the outside - look inside. Maybe you're already doing that. Is it enough?

Nutritional balance is important so that you can help the mind and the body. Another supportive strategy would include pain management.

You can ask me here about what I usually recommend or to get the free videos that show you how to DIY a pain assessment with your horse to see if that's part of your problem.

Solve your behavior problems and promote overall health and performance with these products to support focus, stomach comfort, and even help those moody and cranky mares.

ANTIFLAM™ - Your horse may have some low-level or underlying pain. This product is used as a natural anti-inflammatory.

CHILL™ - If your horse can't focus, this is the product that will help add some mind and muscle relaxation. Available in a paste form, too.

GASTRA-FX™ ULTRA - Soothe the stomach, soothe the mind. This helps to promote a healther GI tract, by soothing the stomach. Available in a liquid form, too.

PREMARE™ - Witchy mares benefit with this product which acts as a hormonal balancer, it can be used along with any current medications. Ask me how.

There may be any number of things that will cause behavior problems. Always check with your vet to make sure that pain is not a factor. If it is, we have supportive strategies for that, too. Check the blog and pdf section for helpful tips and tricks for you to have a healthier and happier horse.

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