If your horse: goes off feed, develops diarrhea, sweats heavily (nerves, heat, and exhaustion) or coughs (breathing problems), this is for you! This is the ultimate trailer (and barn) kit! 


Formulas beneficial for common problems when traveling.

There is nothing worse than arriving somewhere and unloading your horse and your horse is obviously in a little distress. It really doesn't matter why (although some things can be helped). You know you need to help - NOW!

Goes off feed: Anything can cause this but the bottom line is that if your horse (or you for that fact) isn't feeling well - they don't want to eat. If all your vitals are good, your horse should be fine (excluding the fact of exhibiting other symptoms (like for colic). If the vitals aren't good - call a vet! These products can still be used while you are waiting.

GASTRA-FX™ ULTRA - a paste form of our Gastra-Fx™ to soothe and promote a healthy gut (reduces gas, bloating, and discomfort), with the addition of L-Glutamine and Magnesium

Develops diarrhea: Again, anything can cause this but the main problem is a disturbance or imbalance in the hindgut - stress is a big factor. Help the intestinal environment to balance the digestion and elimination processes.

BIOTIC 8™ PLUS -  used for GI support, this provides pre-/probiotics, enzymes, B Vitamins and trace minerals to help with good digestion and intestinal health with 9 species of Equine Specific bacteria.

Sweats heavily: This can have a number of causes, too - the bottom line is what the horse is losing with all this sweating - minerals (electrolytes) and water. This can lead to lethargy, muscle cramping, and respiratory problems.

EQUISEL-LYTE™ - Support electrolyte balances (lost minerals) and maintain muscle cell health to promote the repair of muscles - contains amino acids that spare muscle breakdown. Available in a paste form convenient for travel.

Coughs: Coughing or abnormal nasal discharge is common when the horse is exposed to particulates in the air - dry dusty arenas and things that horses breathe in when being trailered. Often a sign of allergies - when horses can't breathe deeply, they can't expel anything foreign from their lungs naturally, so they will cough.

RESPI-FREE™ - This is a total respiratory formula that helps to maintain normal respiratory health by helping to clear mucus and stimulate blood flow in lung capillaries to help remove toxing/allergens. It will suppress a cough and promote expectoration.

Ask me here about what I usually recommend for helpful supportive strategies such as DIY bodywork, exercises, or my #1 secret recipe that you can use to help your horses.

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