When your horse is endlessly plagued with itchy, dry, and flaky skin conditions there may be a deeper problem that is beyond good grooming practices. External appearance is a often a big clue to internal health and may denote an underlying problem.


Skin and hair need to be healthy and the skin needs to breathe. Commercial fly sprays and conditioners can build up on the skin - blocking the natural process of elimination through the skin. This can lead to the skin being dry and flaky, and the hair dull and brittle.

Underlying problems could be anything:

parasites - ulcers - poor immune system - inability to absorb all the needed nutrients.

If you feel that your horse's basic nutritional needs are being met, you may want to consider something specific to help support the healthy condition of the skin and haircoat.

Many skin issues, allergic reactionspoor/dull hair coat, and even insect sensitivities can be supported internally with formulas that address underlying problems.

To help some of the things that we don't see consider BIOTIC 8™ PLUS to help with the absorption of nutrients and the overall health of the GI (gastrointestinal) system. Another really helpful product is EQUINE MILK THISTLE™ to support healthy liver function (it's the body's clearing house) and to stimulate gastric enzyme production.

To help with some of the things we do see consider EQUIBODY GLO™, a source of EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids). Commonly used for weight management, body/muscle condition, and immune health, the addition of these kinds of fats often improves hair coat and shine.

Our external formulation - HERBACOAT™ - helps to calm and soothe the skin and improve hair coat. It's entirely natural and doesn't "build up" on the skin or hair. It is marketed as a coat conditioner but I have found it to be an effective fly deterrent. It contains Neem Oil.

You can ask me here about what I usually recommend to help with various skin conditions, especially if what you are doing now isn't working for your horse. Tell me what's going on and let's get started on your solution to the problem.

The right things, done the right way, at the right time will get you the best results.

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