Essential minerals, trace elements (micro-nutrients), vitamins, and antioxidants (specific to horse's needs) are important for healthy bones, ligaments, and hooves. These formulas are targeted to growth, repair, and recovery for all functions of the entire body.
Equisel-Lyte™ - Recovery Formula - Rehydration
Equisel-BCAA Paste™ - Recovery, Rehydration, Muscles
GLS Powder™ - Glucosamine Joint Formula
MinerEQ™ - Complete Vitamin & Mineral Formula
Vantiox™ - Antioxidant - Muscle & Cell Protection


All products are highly bio-available (meaning a greater percentage is absorbed and used by the body), providing maximum benefits.  A higher amount of Vitamin D3 (essential for stalled horses) as well as trace elements (aka micronutrients) are found in the MinerEQ formula. Horses recovering from injury or in high performance require a quality source of B vitamins and minerals.
D form of glucosamine, in our GLS Powder, has a higher bioavailability to provide a greater incorporation into joints. This formula also has trace minerals and MSM, which provides sulfur to the body (important for many bio-chemical reactions in the body).
Did you know?? Minerals are lost in sweat; a balance of these minerals is necessary for proper fluid balances in the body. Our electrolyte formula is not only for dehydration, but helps to build and repair muscles with the addition of amino acids.
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