Many issues (gastrointestinal ulcers, going off feed, diarrhea, etc.) have been resolved through correcting imbalanced digestion. Energy is restored or contained, focus is sharpened, cinchy horses stop nipping and bucking, demeanor changes and performance improves. These 3 products will change your horse's health, and attitude!
Biotic 8™ Plus - Pre-biotic, Probiotic & Enzymes
Gastra-FX™ - Stomach Support Formula
Gastra-FX Ultra™  - Irritated Stomach - Pre-Event
RegenerEQ™  - GI Regenerator & Appetite Stimulant
Simply click the link(s) above to view the product specifics to assist with Gastrointestinal Disorders, Ulcers and other related issues.


Created to maximize nutrient absorption, these products are the backbone for optimal GI Health. The program outlined in the link below has been successfully used, in our barn and my clients' barns, for years!
Owners who have tried every supplement and medication under the sun for GI distress (aka ulcers) in both fore-gut (gastric) and hind-gut (colonic) have happier horses now. Horses that seemed unwilling are now working and relaxing. Hair coats are smooth and shiny, rain rot disappears, healthy weights are maintained; and the horses are much healthier and happier. Gut pains (and anticipation) and intermittent colic are no longer chronic issues. The all natural liquid herbal extracts are palatable, amazingly effective, and most of all cost-effective. 
We have a 16 day program for the pleasure or trail horse or a 90 day program for the equine athletes that travel and compete on a heavy schedule.
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