AntiFlam™  - Support Soft Tissue & Joints
Sinew-X™ - Muscle & Soft Tissue Formula (MSM)
Sinew-X Plus™ - Muscle, Joints & Ligaments (HA)
Tetda™ - A Natural Liniment for Bruises & Strains

Simply click the link(s) above to view product suggestions & specifics to support normal &  healthy joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments.
Prevent injuries and improve bio-mechanics, soundness, and longevity by supporting the tissues that create and stabilize movement. Muscles move bones, joints provide range of motion, and tendons and ligaments stabilize the joints. 
There is nothing more frustrating than a horse on endless lay-up because of tendon and ligament injuries. They take a long time to heal, and it seems a longer time to get them back into sound performance, if you can. Other imbalances occur in the healing process; resulting in compensations within the body (for example: mental stress, soft tissue stress, joint imbalances and GI distress). Lameness issues may develop: adhesions, scar tissue, muscle atrophy, joint and hoof problems... the list goes on.
Suggested nutrients that can support and strengthen soft tissue, reduce inflammation and improve healing time should be a primary consideration to help prevent lameness issues.
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