Biotic 8™ Plus - A Source of B Vitamins (for stress)
Chill™  - For Calming & Focus
Chill Ultra™ Paste - Relax the Body
Equisel-Lyte™ - Muscle Tone & Rehydration
Equisel-BCAA Paste™ - Recovery Formula
Healthy Horse™  - Balance All Body Systems
Immune Plus™ - Fatigue & Normal Energy Levels
Liver Flush™ - Detoxify Accumulated Waste
MinerEQ™ - Complete Vitamin & Mineral Source
RegenerEQ™ - GI Regenerator
Sinew-X™ - Support Muscle & Ligament Health (MSM)
Sinew-X Plus™ - Muscle, Joint & Ligament Formula (HA)
Vantiox™ - Antioxidants Protect Muscles & Cells

Simply click the link(s) above to view product suggestions & specifics to assist with the various causes of stress, fear, nervousness and anxiety.
Pain (and anticipation of pain) and structural imbalance may be the issue; or, it may be an internal (body system) imbalance that results in the inability to adapt to stressful environments (over-excitability). Each product listing has extensive details on how they can help your particular issues. 
First, I invite you to view the COMMON ISSUES category. Next, I would suggest that you read the information in the DIGESTIVE HEALTH category.
A consultation would be extremely beneficial so that we can design the most beneficial and cost-effective program for you, and your horse's particular issues. 
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