AntiFlam™  - Supports Sound Feet & Joints
GLS Powder™ - Glucosamine Joint Formula
HA-180™ - Oral Hyaluronic Acid (180 mg.) Short Chain
MinerEQ™ - Essential for Bones, Ligaments & Hoof Growth
Sinew-X™ - Muscle, Joint & Ligaments - MSM
Sinew-X Plus™ - Muscle, Joint & Ligaments - HA (100 mg)
Tetda™ - Natural Liniment and Hoof Pack

Simply click the link(s) above to view the product specifics to assist with the issues and complications resulting from Navicular, Ringbone, and several other related conditions.


Quite often people hear certain words (diagnosis) and feel it is a "death sentence"; it doesn't have to be that for most horses. It may end a performance career, but it is just a condition to be managed. There are a lot of natural therapies out there, but none is more important in these cases than proper nutrition and hands-on management.
Pain in the the feet affects the whole body - through bracing, reluctance to move, improper muscles used for movement, the list goes on and on... And, once the body is affected, it then affects the feet; creating a vicious cycle of compensations. This is one of those situations that a competent consultation may help to guide you. Please visit the following category pages:
Chronic Lameness - a whole category for Chronic Lameness
Hoof - Growth/Pain - a whole category addressing Hoof Issues
Don't throw everything at the horse at once - have a systematic plan to keep your horse comfortable and perhaps suitable for light work! Programs are available for both chronic and acute cases of foot-related lameness.
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