Para-X™ - Intestinal Cleansing Formula

Simply click the link(s) above to view the product specifics to assist with intestinal cleansing, most specifically unwanted parasites. Improves the immune system, the absorption of nutrients, and general health conditions.

Spring Cleaning = A Healthy House and Horse!

Is your horse underweight? Are you seeing evidence of parasites in manure? Other indications for a parasite burden are a consistently rough hair coat and persistent tail rubbing. Does your horse have a high sensitivity to bug bites?
These are all symptoms that are exhibited in a horse with a poor immune system and possibly a heavy parasite burden. Chemical de-wormers are not only becoming ineffective; but they are leaving a toxic chemical residue within the body. This actually stresses organs and body systems. An all-natural cleansing program helps the body to get healthier by strengthening the digestive and elimination processes, taking the burden from the liver and kidneys.
This product is safe and effective to use on a quarterly basis. It is always wise to do fecal counts to measure parasite burdens (those that can be tested!). I have personally had great success with using this product supportively for insect sensitivities, allergies, and parasite control.
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